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We stand for a more democratic Europe

  • We want citizens to have a greater say in who leads Europe. At the European elections, Europeans should know for which candidate they are voting. This would not only increase accountability and transparency but also ensure greater people’s involvement. That is why we want to strengthen the “lead candidate” process so that the biggest party forming a majority will get the right to nominate the Commission President. In addition, the candidature of every lead candidate should be conditional on the support of respective national parties and on the support of European parties, obtained through a process of democratic nomination.

  • To increase the democratic legitimacy of the Commission as a whole, it would be convenient if every future Commissioner could also run in a prominent position in the elections in his/her Member State and if every Commissioner had the possibility of also being a Member of the European Parliament. Furthermore, we believe each Commission should be built on a concrete coalition agreement based on the political guidelines and concrete projects.

  • We want the European Parliament to have full parliamentary rights. As is the case at the national level, the European Parliament should be conferred the full right of legislative initiative, not leaving this power only in the hands of the European Commission.

  • We want the European Parliament to have full control rights over the European Commission. The European Parliament should have the ability to impeach single Commissioners as well as the introduction of a constructive motion of no-confidence.

  • We want to reform the electoral law to create a vibrant party competition that mirrors the nature of our Union and ensures that every European voter has an equal right to participate in European elections regardless of his or her place of residence.

  • We want a legally binding rule of law mechanism to shield the rule of law protection from daily political quarrels. The European Court of Justice should be tasked with a regular review of the state of play in the Member States and the power to impose sanctions, if necessary, including financial sanctions. On the rule of law matters, the last word should always belong to the European Court of Justice.


2021-07-28 06:11:10 Airis Jayden

Hi gdinfo

Hi gdinfo


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