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We stand for a Social Market Economy fit for the 21st century

  • We want to create quality jobs, especially for our youth. We cannot allow having a lost generation who experienced two economic crises in a row. For this, we intend to strengthen and deepen the Single Market further, especially in the area of free movement of services, to speed up the completion of the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union.

  • We want Europe to ensure economic well-being and promote sustainable and inclusive growth. To achieve this, we must implement a forward-looking reform of our Economic and Monetary Union: we must stimulate further economic convergence between the Member States and align our fiscal policies more effectively while considering further progress towards a European Monetary Fund.

  • We want to ensure our youth can thrive while cherishing the experience of our elderly. To ensure a fruitful intergenerational exchange, we must carry out a ‘youth and elderly proof check’ for all the European Union’s legislative proposals while continuing our youth investments, exchange programmes, and the discover Europe/free Interrail initiative.

  • We stand for a European agricultural model based on families. We must ensure that farming stays at the centre of vibrant rural communities across the EU and that farmers’ trade remains attractive for the next generations. We demand a stronger redistribution of direct payments towards those genuinely engaged in agricultural activity on family farms to avoid the problem of land being concentrated purely for the financial benefit of large investors.

  • We want our firms and SMEs to be able to thrive. For a flourishing business environment that creates jobs and opportunities, we urgently need to reduce the bureaucratic burden on our firms by cutting red tape, without reducing the substantive requirements of the regulations.


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