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Semma' leħnek!


Semma' leħnek!

Kif għandha tkun l-Ewropa fil-futur? Aqsam l-ideat tiegħek magħna!

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I would like to see an Eu control on irregular economic immigration. This could be achieved by offering incentives to North African countries to establish EU led educational institutions wherein youths seeking a better future in Europe would be taught necessary skills needed by the European industries and gain an entrance to Europe. These institutions could be co financed by both the EU and interested companies seeking more skilled man power. This would also help reduce the abuse in irregular immigration which is causing all these deaths in the Mediterranean Sea

I think Europe should have more sovereignty when it comes to Health, greater vaccine production capacity, and more power for European institutions. EU should discuss the possibility of ending the unanimity in the European Council, and make it a high chamber of parliament, in order to prevent certain less democratic or Euro-skeptical countries from preventing progress. European army and having someone with real power, representing Europe in foreign affairs, should also be a reality, and not each country deciding for itself how to negotiate with China and Russia. And we should make EU more democratic, where we elect the president and his/hers commission, through elections to the European parliament, similarly to what happens in most member states. (and why not create real European parties, with an equal program for all countries)

I strongly believe that the future of all the EU Member States lays in a united approach to face the Union’s modern challenges. To me efforts are irreplaceable and more necessary than ever, The European Union should aim to function as a bridge between the European institutions and its citizens. Especially nowadays, when the EU is facing an existential identity crisis and the majority of its citizens feel distant towards the EU, it is of great importance to improve this lack of proximity. Bringing the union closer, drawing on the primordial values of the European Union such as solidarity, cooperation and the very feeling of feeling European are part of the resolution for a future that we must try to build, only in this way the European Union and its Member States can face the challenges that are to come.

We are Croatian and Romanian EU citizen which live in switzerland. We as such are not treated as equal as German or French EU citizens. SWISS decided not to sighn InstA arrangment with EU. But also decuded not to fux people movment discrimination wit EU. How does this effect our future life here and what can be done to fix this discrimination? Are we going to be less European forewer? Is EU going to protect rights of they citizens or are you just look aside and preach but not do anithing to change this?

The European Union is the best example of a political and economic integration in a given region. Europe needs to go further in deepening and enlargement process of integration: - a unified fiscal/ monetary policy - a better cooperation and sharing bank data across each European country - a unified defence and foreign policy of Europe by which the supranational interests prevail over the national ones - a unified Industrial 4.0 policy which requires financing talents and ideas around the Europe to become more competitive in global market. All above-mentioned assumptions make Europe stronger, independent and able to face challenges coming from the foreign actors which have undesirable intentions for Europe inside Europe. And, this is not done until the full integration of the Western Balkans in Europe. A federative form of governing of our continent is the future of Europe.